Sadhana | The Quest

By Shelley Schanfield

Draft 4 Posted Date: 6/28/2011

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Historical Fantasy

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About the Book:

In a quiet Himalayan village, the chief's daughter Dhara begins a quest to master a yogi's powers, while her friend Sakhi dreams of a husband and family. They pay little attention the religious upheaval ravaging the lowland clans until enemies attack. Torn apart by the battle, they are united again in the Sakyan kingdom, where Sakhi finds her friend is now the wife of Prince Siddharth, whose powers of mind match Dhara's own. Palace intrigue, infidelity, and war estrange the former friends, until an ancient prophecy threatens to come true.

About the Author:

Shelley has taken writing classes and workshops for ten years. When not writing, she does yoga, gardens, and spends time with her husband, two kids, and cats.

Author's Note:

What you are about to read will bear a resemblance to the land between the Himalaya’s kingdom and Ganga’s River that some 2500 years ago produced Prince Siddhartha, who became the Buddha. However, I make no claim of historical accuracy, as there is none for this age. Its people left no monuments or manuscripts. I have stolen freely from the myths and legends of India, and the such "histories" of the period that exist. Anachronisms, geographical errors, misspellings, and distortions of the sacred texts are intentional.

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