The Flight of the Wren

By Atthys Gage

Draft 21 Posted Date: 1/20/2013

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Contemporary Fantasy

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“The Arcane Order of Carpet Flyers! The Sublime Society of Scudders! Didn’t you read the contract I sent you, Miss Drake?” Sure, Renny had read it. It was obviously some kind of joke. And this guy with the flakes of pie crust in his beard is obviously some kind of whacko. But no, Parnell Florian is no whacko. And Maysa, the silk-brocade carpet now rolled up under her bed, is no joke. It really can fly, and Renny’s life just got a whole lot more interesting. And when she meets the other members of the Order, her life gets more interesting still–especially a boy called Stonechat, who seems to find her pretty interesting as well. But when a vengeful rug-rider called Mistral kidnaps Parnell and steals the remarkable Orb of Descrying, Renny and the rag-tag flock must ride to the rescue–or face an adversary who can control their very dreams. One by one, all the people Renny cares about fall into the Mistral’s hands, and she must find courage she never knew she had.

About the Author:

Atthys Gage lives in the far reaches of the North Coast behind the great Redwood Curtain surrounded by dogs and children. Despite this, he is reasonably happy.

Author's Note:

Flight of the Wren was a quarterfinalist over at the ABNA, where a Publisher's Weekly reviewer said: "A great combination of fantasy, adventure, and romance, along with a great every-girl heroine in Renny, make this an engaging and enjoyable read." Now I'm just hoping some agent or publisher will agree.

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