Ring The Alarm | Heroism In Tragedy

By Charles Dove

Draft 1 Posted Date: 5/20/2011

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Military Science Fiction

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About the Book:

This is the heart-wrenching story of Jeremy Brix, elder brother of Institute Commander Benjamin Brix. The Institute, a militarized remnant of the last global democracy, has been at war with B.A.J.A. forces for nearly a decade. As the war shifts in favor of the opposition, Jeremy, the Institute's Trigger for Omicron Zone, is responsible for ringing the alarm at the Relay Station that signals the enemy's imminent arrival. Most Triggers, obligated to be one of the last to flee their designated Zones, usually don't survive. Because of this fact, Jeremy lives every day in anticipation of death. Still, he knows that through this selfless act of sacrifice, he will give the civilian residents of Omicron enough advanced notice to save their lives. However, everything changes when Jeremy learns that Omicron Zone is the hiding place for one of the Institute's biggest secrets. A secret that will alter the course of the war and possibly end it once and for all.

About the Author:

Charles began writing on the encouragement of his parents. He writes poetry, song lyrics and short stories, and currently resides in Lawndale with his family.

Author's Note:

This is an UNFINISHED short story. It was intended as an exercise in brevity. Being forced to complete the story in five parts (or chapters) helped me solidify the plot points. That being said, this is the first rough draft and will probably undergo a full edit once I've uploaded the last two chapters, which should happen by the end of June if not sooner.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Setting

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