By Tawni Peterson

Draft 41 Posted Date: 1/25/2012

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Contemporary Romance

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About the Book:

Embittered and battle torn by years of infertility Claire and Grant Carter find themselves on opposite ends of the chasm of barrenness. At a crossroad of love and loss, Claire travels home to Louisiana, leaving Grant behind in a wake of bitter silence. Her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s ends leaving Claire to wrestle with the secrets of her mother's past as well as her own. Vulnerable and lost, she finds herself face to face with Nicholas Ainsworth and a history she has fought desperately to forget. A bright spot in her anguished history, memories of Nick's touch still hold her captive. The question of what might have been haunts her as the loss of all she knew to be true threatens to destroy her from the inside out. Claire must find a strength she's never known to deal with it all; A family secret unleashed at her mother's deathbed, the love she ran from, but never let go of, and the private sin she has never spoken of. Will hidden truths consume her or will hindsight set her free?

About the Author:

A closet writer for years,Tawni is working on her debut novel.She finds revelation in her garden's dirt and motivation chasing sunshine down abandon roads.

Author's Note:

I began writing this story as a romance. As the characters and plot developed it has become more suitable for the category of literary fiction. As such, I considered pulling it from BC. However, I have received helpful critique here and the story does have very strong romantic elements as well as a HEA ending, so after seeking some advice, I chose to leave it up. This draft is relativly rough, so feel free to point out typos, grammar, etc. Thank you for reading!

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Plot, Setting

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