The Lives of Harry Stripling

By Ed Lieberthal

Draft 74 Posted Date: 7/18/2011

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Contemporary Fantasy

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Each of us, in some moment of despair, has expressed the unreachable wish to do things all over again, differently. But if we really could, would we? Harry Stripling, 82, a once-celebrated archaeologist and adventurer, is today a has-been, hinged only to the past, having retired to the Bahamian island of Bimini. On one bright morning, during an unfamiliar moment of renewal, Stripling pushes his luck, recklessly inviting calamity. And it finds him. Tortures him, rewards him, denies him. Thus begins a perfect nonplus of identity and deception, events that question sanity, medical certainties, legal conventions, implacable vows. Harry's passionate alliance with a stunning young woman; his collegiate act of hubris that takes the life of a dear friend; the final midnight sail during a killer hurricane. And his funeral, at which he himself officiates. Seemingly Impossible yet logical events close the circle around a tortuous and imaginative journey.

About the Author:

Finished novel #1, working on #2. Love animals, especially dogs ... anything that lives. Sailing, reading ... and, above all, the pleasure and pain of writing.

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Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Character Development

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