Star Child

By Amy Sterling

Draft 6 Posted Date: 6/17/2011

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Hard Science Fiction

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About the Book:

Almost-seventeen Mel Armstrong has been blind since age seven. Wheelchair-bound, her own mother has put her in an Albuquerque home for the disabled. Mel's life is almost completely inside her own mind, except for the boy who visits her every week. John is a little dangerous and a lot exciting for a girl in such a small world. But Mel unexpectedly learns she's been chosen from thousands of other disabled teens to get the chance to be a Starfarer. She'll receive a new body, perfect - powerful - maybe even immortal. She and the other Starfaring teens will be inextricably linked to living interstellar ships, the first of their kind, being built high above earth by the International Space Agency. Their mission is to explore nearby stars and planets, seeking a new home for people from earth to live. But Mel is like any other teen. She didn't grow up dreaming about outer space, she grew up wishing she'd find her perfect Prince. Get married. Mel is in love with John.

About the Author:

Amy Sterling Casil is a 2002 Nebula Award nominee and author of 23 books, including two novels, a short fiction collection and nonfiction for children/teens.

Author's Note:

This book is "what happened next" to Mel from my story "To Kiss the Star." I wrote the story over ten years ago. It was inspired by and dedicated to my friend Julie Jones, who was a fellow student in the graduate writing program at Chapman University in Southern California. Julie shared similar disabilities to Mel in the story. I wrote the original story to answer the question, "Why would God give such a wonderful person so many challenges to overcome?" The story was the answer. The question in this book, although meant for younger readers, is a lot more than that.

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