By ken miller

Draft 5 Posted Date: 5/28/2011

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Political Thriller

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"Then why you here?" the cabbie asked. "Looking for a body," Drew said. "I have to find a body and send it home." The cabbie spit out the window. "You looking for bodies, boy, this is the place." BATTERIES REQUIRED is driven by competition for a rare field of lithium – used in electric car batteries – and by a blood feud between two Central American drug lords. Drew Alexander is the young troubleshooter for a sketchy shipping firm. When a crewman washes up dead in New Orleans, Drew claims the body - but it's disappeared. Soon Drew is tangled up with Xavier Vagne, a fugitive drug lord who controls the lithium deposit. And with Vagne's sponsor, Elena Petrie, wealthy, influential in Washington and desperate to control the scarce mineral. Elena's not the only one interested. The Chinese stake a claim, and Vagne sets up an auction. Soon enough, the bids are in blood.

About the Author:

Ken has planned corporate PR and protection from tear gas, as business and politics have taken him around the world. Brooklyn-born, he lives in Tacoma WA

Author's Note:

This is the second book in a projected six-book series featuring Drew Alexander. The first - LANGATA RULES - is about Somali pirates and the geopolitics of oil. It's available in trade paper and e- versions, and has been optioned for a feature film. This book - BATTERIES REQUIRED - is complete, though I welcome your reviews and still tinker. I'll keep adding chapters. Thanks for reading.

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