Rise of the Sigrun

By Jennifer Galik

Draft 4 Posted Date: 6/6/2011

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Based on 5 Reviews


Traditional Fantasy

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About the Book:

After many years of peace, the dark forces in Hesperos have risen once again. It is now up to the new generation of Branka to find the orbs of power, left behind by their ancestors, in order to gain the power needed to make a stand against the Aerona.

About the Author:

Jennifer Galik is a 19 year old freshmen in college who has been writing since she was 16. She is also a Christian and thanks God for her creative mind.

Author's Note:

The prologue of this book is the part that I am most concerned about. It is a really rough draft and am asking for honest oppinions of it and what needs to be changed.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Setting

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