End: The Book of Sinners

By Taylor Anne Prescott

Draft 3 Posted Date: 5/5/2011

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Based on 4 Reviews

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Based on 7 Reviews


Supernatural Thriller

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About the Book:

As the world falls into shambles, a group of demons, led by a very domineering angel intend on rectifying the mess. Searching tirelessly for the roots of Armageddon, and finding many more mysteries along the way, this strange group of comrades will be tested in ways that they can't even begin to understand.

About the Author:

Taylor lives in Delta, BC, Canada, and works at a music store. In her spare time, she writes, and has published one book of poetry so far.

Author's Note:

These chapters are first drafts for the most part. The only substantial editing I've done so far is to tidy up the grammar. Other than that, they are rough. There will be changes made. I am just curious to see what people think of the idea so far. Constructive feedback is very welcome, and suggestions for improvement will be taken into consideration as I work on the heavy edits.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Voice, Pacing

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