Moonbird Express

By L K Pinaire

Draft 1 Posted Date: 6/21/2011

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Hard Science Fiction

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About the Book:

Matt Newcomb, American captain of the first Martian explorers and Richard Nickelose, a Moonbase settler, have never met, but both their lives will take new directions when the American space program ends. The US President has sold NASA's holdings to the Chinese and now must clear the lunar citizens so the new owners can move in. Sabotage strands Matt and his team on Mars with only six months' worth of supplies. Now, he scrapes and claws to find a way to keep them all alive and begins construction of the new Martian village. In the mean time, when military ships come to force everyone to Earth, Richard leads a revolt, joins with other lunar settlers and commands a space-barge, Moonbird, pieced-together from scavenged NASA equipment. They leave for Mars with the technology to survive, but more navel vessels exhaust their fuel to catch them. Richard and hundreds of families must forsake America and fight for their future and a chance for a new life on the red planet.

About the Author:

L. K. Pinaire is an Indiana University graduate in chemistry. He and his wife, Peggy Pinaire, have raised two sons and reside in southern Indiana.

Author's Note:

This was written to share the importance of continuing the space program. We must never let it did.

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