Game of Love

By araTHEwriter

Draft 14 Posted Date: 8/29/2011

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Contemporary Romance

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About the Book:

Five years ago, experts said Gemma Lennon would be the best tennis player in the world. They were wrong. Today, the twenty-one-year-old British star is more celebrity than athlete—a stigma she has tried unsuccessfully to shed. With each pivotal opportunity, she chokes when her celebrity life overshadows center court. She doesn’t want to be remembered as another "Kardashian" so she must win to prove her critics wrong. But first, she must quiet the noise of doubt that’s festering inside her head. Silence it, before she gives up on her dreams completely. From the clay courts of Roland Garros to the pristine lawns of Wimbledon, GAME OF LOVE is a journey of redemption, the story of an extraordinary young professional and the choice she faces when personal happiness threatens to derail life-long professional dreams.

About the Author:

By day, he's a technology exec in the entertainment industry. At nights, a writer. Ara lives in Los Angeles w/ his wife, two boys (thunder & lightning) & cats

Author's Note:

Completely revised. Hope you like it.

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