Seal | A Fairy Tale

By Monday

Draft 3 Posted Date: 3/26/2011

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Paranormal Romance

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About the Book:

Nate learned his lesson clearly. When people leave Green Rivers, they never come back the same, if they come back at all. He needs a job to distract him from heartbreak, and the circus is coming to town. Room and board away from home, while not actually being away from the town may help him get over the worst of his irrational fears. Keenan hates the Le Cirque du Mer et Monde. It's been his home for too many years to count. Trapped at the hands of the ringmaster, his lover and boss, he needs to find someone to trust him and help him before he is stuck at the circus forever. Somewhere the ringmaster has his sealskin hidden away. He's looked everywhere, and now Keenan needs fresh eyes to see what he hasn't. What will Nate do once he finds Keenan's sealskin? Is there a way for the two of them to remain together once the skin has been found? Can Nate beat his phobias and still win the man (and seal) of his dreams?

About the Author:

Monday spends her days teaching English in an alternative school and her evenings at home away from people she hasn't created for her own amusement.

Author's Note:

I'm looking to ready this book for submission. I have a sense of where the book is going. I like my dialogue, but not sure that my details capture what I have. Please be honest in criticism as to what works and what doesn't. I'd like to capitalize on the former and minimize the latter. Thanks.

Requested feedback Criteria: Overall Feedback, Pacing, Continuity

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